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  • Single Door Pillars

    Single Door Pillars

Electrical Enclosure – E2 210 Slim Line

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 715mm
Width 205mm
Depth 185mm
Backboard (H) 580mm
Backboard (W) 180mm
Working Depth 123mm
From: £280.09

Electrical Enclosure – E2 210 Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 770mm
Width 312mm
Depth 230mm
Backboard (H) 600mm
Backboard (W) 240mm
Working Depth 165mm
From: £285.85

Electrical Enclosure – E2 305 Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 520mm
Width 407mm
Depth 177mm
Backboard (H) 420mm
Backboard (W) 325mm
Working Depth 115mm
From: £246.19

Electrical Enclosure – E2 354 Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 1060mm
Width 450mm
Depth 256mm
Backboard (H) 910mm
Backboard (W) 400mm
Working Depth 212mm
From: £453.59

Electrical Enclosure – E2 410 feeder Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 770mm
Width 512mm
Depth 227mm
Backboard (H) 595mm
Backboard (W) 410mm
Working Depth 160mm
From: £405.07

Electrical Enclosure – E2 510 Feeder Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 920mm
Width 612mm
Depth 280mm
Backboard (H) 770mm
Backboard (W) 560mm
Working Depth 210mm
From: £486.51

Electrical Enclosure – E2 610 Pillar

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 1020mm
Width 712mm
Depth 327mm
Backboard (H) 870mm
Backboard (W) 660mm
Working Depth 255mm
From: £541.38

Electrical Enclosure – E2 910 Pillar Cabinet

(Hinged Door)

Height (Above Ground) 1098mm
Width 1108mm
Depth 415mm
Backboard (H) 970mm
Backboard (W) 1030mm
Working Depth 350mm
From: £920.20
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