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Subway & Bridge Lighting

Subways, bridges & other areas

It is because we have so many years of successful design, manufacture & supply of fittings specifically targeted to solve the particular requirements of lighting these areas, that we have the widest range of equipment.

Over the years all possible specifications have been met and because we know that if one customer has an unusual or particular need others are likely to have similar requirements.

The list of special requirements is long and grows every year, so be assured that whatever you might require we either already have the answer or if not will certainly be able to provide the answer for you.

Common requirements
We list here some examples of common and less common requirements that we have designed and manufactured solutions for:
  • Bespoke design to accommodate CMS such as Urban Control & Mayflower
  • Anti-graffiti coatings for diffusers
  • Infill dummy bodies between fittings
  • Flame-proof diffusers
  • “Ski slope” on top of fittings to prevent unauthorised use as step on bridges or pig eons landing
  • Spacings fixed to back of units where excessive water conditions exist
  • Brackets for mounting to railings
  • Dual & Separate Circuit wiring
  • Where speedy installation is essential or where access is restricted fittings can be provided with flying leads & brackets to enable fixing & wiring without the need to o pen them
  • The design & manufacture of replacement gear trays to achieve the upgrade of old inefficient lighting installations to energy saving LED lighting
  • Replacement Frames & Diffusers
  • Downlight with RGB uplight
  • Corner Fillets
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Lighting Control Dali & Switch Dim


Linear & Angle Mount
IP65 | IK18

Super-slim, designed for installations where severe or prolonged attack may occur. Strong & durable LED linear luminaire. 3mm Clear or Opal patterned polycarbonate flat panel diffuser 620mm to 1200mm lengths.

18w to 48w versions offering 2250 to 8000 lumen output.



Recessed LED Unit
IP65 | IK18

Recessed linear fitting, unique upstand recessing flange, suitable for new installations or retrofitting into existing cavities when Bergo, Bergen or Victor have been removed. 3mm Clear or Opal patterned polycarbonate flat panel diffuser secured by anti-tamper fixings.

Versions offering 2250 to 4900 lumen output available.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do get in touch