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EV Pillar range

Haldo have a range of EV pillars to cater for the rising demand of Electric Vehicle charging points.
Our adaptable range is designed to be compatible with the current power requirements.

At Haldo we offer bespoke EV charging distribution equipment to work effectively with the chosen charge points for your project.

Our knowledge in selecting the correct type of RCD to protect the circuit, user and equipment is key to making sure the system works both from a functional and safety perspective.

Selecting the correct upstream RCD is essential as certain RCD types placed downstream can render the RCD inoperable and increase the risk of damage to the equipment and electric shock.

We can also incorporate open PEN (O-PEN) fault protection.

This protects the user against electric shock if the incoming Neutral is lost. The device monitors the incoming supply including Neutral cable. If a fault is detected the supply is isolated.

TheO-PEN device can have an Auto Re0Set which will re energise the system when the fault has cleared [not available for all types of OPEN protective devices]. This reduces call outs and extra costs to the charge point owner.

This type of technology also means earth rods don’t need to be installed. This can reduce costs and remove the risk associated with earth rod installation e.g. damaging  buried utility infrastructure [pipes cabling etc.]

Charge Point Types

Charge Point Types

Rapid charging will likely require larger deeper cabinets – as well as our standard E1 and E2 ranges, Haldo make bespoke and extra depth cabinets to accommodate all types of EV installation.

Selecting which charge point type will depend on the location and expected time frames available to charge. Typically lower powered slow or fast type chargers are used in places where cars will be parked for a number of hours, for example work places, shopping centres, tourist attractions and long stay parking areas.

Charge Times

Charge times for slow charge points vary from 3 – 12 hours with Fast chargers 1-2 hours. The slower, lower powered options aren’t ideal for short stay locations for example taxi ranks, Motorway services and short stay parking places. Rapid or super rapid chargers are a more viable option with 80% charge times in as little as 20 minutes. Often EV charge points will require an upgrade in the infrastructure due to the large power requirements of EV charging.

Haldo Pre-Wired EV feeder pillars offer a safe, reliable ‘site ready’ product which enables installation teams to complete site works in quick and efficient timescales. Whether you have a single low-powered charger to multiple higher Rapid chargers, our Pre-Wired Feeder pillars can cater for your requirements.

For more information, or to request a quote, call our team on 01284 754043.

 Pre-Wired EV feeder pillars