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Author: Paul Koenig

A guide to choosing suitable sign posts for your project

Are you starting a project that needs the proper sign posts? The choice may appear challenging, but it’s essential for the durability and function of your signage. Haldo’s expertise simplifies the complexities of length, thickness, diameter, and material, steering you towards an informed selection that aligns with your unique requirements in the signage and highway sectors. Material matters The material of a durable sign post is central to its performance. Haldo champions...

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Why GRP Cabinets are the intelligent choice for harsh environments

In the relentless quest for durability and performance against nature’s challenges, Haldo’s GRP cabinets stand as the undisputed choice. These robust solutions are not merely additions to industrial and outdoor settings; they epitomise innovation, offering unmatched protection against the elements. Resilience in harsh environments Thanks to their Glass Reinforced Plastic construction, Haldo’s GRP cabinets excel in environments exposed to moisture, salt, and harsh...

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