Haldo are making it easier and more affordable to order bespoke pillar products, outside of the existing iconic Haldo range

Haldo are known and specified the length and breadth of Britain for their classic pillar range, including the ‘66’ which is an industry standard and with the Haldo name and reputation for British built quality remains a best seller.

Less widely known are Haldo’s capabilities for bespoke design, product development and their extensive experience using different materials and manufacturing techniques. Whilst the galvanised steel pillars are a popular product, Haldo’s experience with diverse materials opens up other possibilities in pillar and enclosure design.

Engineer Noman Khan commented further ‘At Haldo we understand that one design doesn’t necessarily fit all, and sometimes our customers want something that they can’t find off the shelf. Often it’s something quite simple like a special paint finish, or making something with some very large dimensions, but sometimes it’s a bit more complex, such as changing the material that the pillar is made out of or creating quadruple doors, or indeed all of these. We can do this for our clients, and now with the launch of the Build your own Pillar and the inclusion of this feature on our website it’s easier to do’

Clients who have an idea for a product that is a bit different can call the sales office to set up a consultation, or they can simply log their requirements via the Build your own form on the website.